Our mission

What is "Old School Whitetails?"

Technology is slowly changing the way we hunt.  As we rely more on technology, we rely less on our own senses and woodsman-ship skills.  We want to revive those skills and sharpen our senses and blend them into new world technology.  In the process, we want to emphasize the "old school" tactics that are slowly eroding with time.

 Please keep in mind that we want everyone to find enjoyment in "how" they hunt, for that is what will ultimately keep the fires burning in every hunter's heart.  This website is not meant to frown upon anyone's chosen methods of pursuit.  You ultimately choose what makes you happy as a hunter.  

This website is a collaboration of individuals whom are kindred spirits.  Although we each reside in different states and hunt different terrains, we are each connected as to "why we hunt".  We believe that there is nothing that can surpass old-fashioned hard work and basic knowledge of whitetail deer habits for long term success in any environment we choose to hunt.  We each exercise the same basic concepts of employing what we call, "Old School Whitetail" tactics.

We seek to share ideas, adventures and concepts that may not fall in-line with the mainstream trends of the hunting industry.  We seek to open the eyes of hunters whom are maybe seeking a higher connection to the "Big Woods" and/or seeking a new form of adventure that has brought great pleasure to our lives.

We keep it simple: choose to carry only what we need and to rely mostly of common-sense and woodsman-ship skills as we seek success in the woods.  We go deeper and hunt harder as a rule and hunt the whitetail on his terms.  This is what "Old School Whitetails" is all about. 

We hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to engage us on the Facebook page "Misty River Trackers Base Camp" with photos, questions, suggestions or anything that you feel the general public may want to learn more about.  We don't have all the answers, but with a combined 100-years of pursuing whitetail deer in public land setting, we hope to help as many hunters as we can whom desire to chase the whitetail in remote places on public grounds.

So grab your weapon, throw a compass, knife and sandwich in your pocket, and let's go hunting "Old School Whitetails".

Todd Havel with a nice bare ground northern Minnesota public land buck.

Todd Havel with a nice bare ground northern Minnesota public land buck.