Todd grew up in Central Wisconsin in a small farm community. He had a passion for the outdoors from the very start. He spent his early years exploring the fields and woodlots chasing birds and animals. He started rifle hunting whitetails at the age of 12 and picked up a bow at age 15. He was self-taught and soaked up every bit of whitetail information he could find. He soon became proficient with both bow and rifle at taking young bucks. 

Longing for adventure and a new challenge he headed to Northern Wisconsin to take on the big woods. In the late 90’s he packed his gear in a truck camper and headed north. On his very first bow hunt he killed a huge buck and a big woods hunter was born. 

He hunted the big woods and had success but he never really felt like he understood the big woods and the old bucks that roamed there. He felt his success was due to persistence more than knowledge. He searched for information but there was a lack of quality information and he had many more questions than answers.

He was basically a stand hunter up to this point. He started experimenting with still hunting and even tried following a few tracks. Not having success following tracks he gave up on the idea. Then he discovered that there were hunters out East tracking down whitetails. He gathered as much info as he could find and started learning how to track.


Northern Minnesota in 2007 would be the testing ground for his new-found skill. He attempted a few tracks with little success. This was tough! He vowed to keep trying until he had success. He followed a buck track down into a swamp and caught up with the buck chasing a doe. Two shots later and a tracker was born. 

He has been chasing whitetails in 3 States each year since then. He hunts using other methods but his true love is taking a huge track on fresh snow. Tracking mature bucks for 12 years has unlocked many secrets of mature buck behavior. He has reached a point where he wants to share his knowledge with other hunters. 

Be sure to contact Todd to sign up for one his tracking schools.